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Proverbs 24:27
Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.


Creating Your Will

Your Will is an important way to provide for family, friends and charitable organizations when you pass on. When making your Will it is important to consult a legal advisor to ensure your wishes are legally recorded. This reflects your wishes to leave a particular gift or portion of your estate to The Salvation Army.

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Gifts of Grain

Feed the hungry.

House the homeless.

Transform lives.

What can your grain do?    

Did you know that you can gift grain to The Salvation Army? It’s true. Farmers and ranchers can significantly lower their tax liability by donating agricultural commodities to The Salvation Army instead of selling first and donating cash later.
Download the Gifts of Grain Brochure


Estate Planning for The Soul 

A free book compliments of The Salvation Army.

This book is not about money issues like taxes and fees… nor is it a  “how to” book.  It’s about love, and ways you can express your faithful stewardship for your family and fellow man by following the examples in the Holy Bible.

To preview excerpts from the book, click on the links below:
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Table of Contents
Getting Started
Chapter 1  Wealth and Possessions
Chapter 2  Stewardship
Chapter 3  Providing for Children & Family
Chapter 4  Giving to God & Family
Chapter 5 Answering God’s Call
Parting Thoughts 

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